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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our dentists have restored and perfected thousands of dental smiles! We are here to take care of you, your needs and wishes. To provide you with a smile to last a lifetime. Our cosmetic enhancing veneers are guaranteed for a lifetime from structural failure. We are confident you will be provided the highest quality of care

Ageless Dentistry

Dentistry has no age. We love our more experienced patients and can provide all of the necessary treatment and options you may require. You have earned the best of care and you deserve it!

Routine Dental Cleanings

6-month cleaning and an exam is the best way to ensure excellent dental care. Our hygienists will provide you with the best of the treatment options available today. A routine cleaning and exam is the most important part of excellent dental care.

Pediatric Dental Care

It is important for our children to start a dental career in the correct way. Generally, we as adults have a great fear of dentists and dentistry. Starting a child on a successful path in dentistry is of vital importance. Home care as well as routine dental care is the beginning of a healthy life for our youth.

Same Appointment Crowns

Cerec CAD/CAM dentistry has been around for over 30 years. However, the last 5 years has shown a drastic change in the quality, strength and esthetics of crown and bridge restorations. We offer same-day dentistry to help you from missing time away from work for the typical 2-appointment procedures.


We offer orthodontic tooth alignment via Invisalign. In order to offer Invisalign, a dentist must be fully certified and trained. Today's Invisalign has the ability to cut treatment times virtually in half. With the new technological updates, the treatment time can be increased up to twice as fast achieving the same exact results.

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Implant Dentistry

Missing teeth? No problem. Implant dentistry has revolutionized the dental world. An implant replaces a tooth with 98% of the natural tooth whereas a denture is approximately 20-30%. Although a bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth, an implant does not rely on the neighboring teeth for support which may lead to further work on those teeth. Implants are conservative and extremely effective at replacing missing teeth. Implants are also considered to be "Life-long".


Porcelain veneers or laminates have long been know to change a persons life. Whether it is to enhance your smile or a total reconstruction, porcelain veneers can illuminate your life! An unattractive smile can be transformed into the most amazing smile in just a short time. We practice conservative cosmetic dentistry which equates to less tooth reduction and longevity of the smile. Whether you need a few veneers or a full set, we can offer you a high quality, high cosmetic and a highly exciting outcome. Come in for an evaluation today! 

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings or composite fillings are replacing the silver mercury fillings in most dental practices, They are cosmetic, strong and provide an esthetic value to your smile. Over time, mercury fillings leak and break down leading to decay underneath. A cavity can start and grow even before it can be detected with an x-ray. We use an intra-oral camera to show you if your fillings are breaking down. This will allow the mercury filling to be replaced before a cavity can grow possibly affecting the nerve. Our goal is conservative dentistry. Sometimes, conservative dentistry equated to actually taking care of a problem versus watching it, which is considered neglect. To watch and wait on failing mercury fillings is a mistake. It leads to larger fillings or crowns and possibly a root canal. Preventive dentistry is the key.

Sleep Apnea Therapy

Often the use of a CPAP is difficult to use.  Although the CPAP is the golden standard for sleep apnea, if you are unable or refuse to wear one, we have your alternative. Oral appliance therapy in many cases are as effective as the CPAP. We work very close with your physician to ensure you are receiving a very successful treatment in the control of sleep apnea. As you know, sleep apnea can be devastating. Airway control is essential for our body to function correctly. Our body uses oxygen to regenerate itself during sleep. Inefficient air can lead to several comorbid heath issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, higher cholesterol, and many others. Untreated sleep apnea can even lead to death. If you are having trouble sleeping, feeling groggy or tired during the day, snoring loudly while sleeping, or you simply feel your sleep is just not that good, please call us or call your physician for care. We can assist in treating you if you have already seen your physician or we can help you find a physician.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Let's face it, many of us are nervous about going to the dentist. It is very common and there are solutions to help. We offer Nitrous oxide and oral sedations to assist. Nitrous oxide is used to help a patient relax during treatment and also allows the patient to leave the office without additional care. Nitrous oxide affects are go away quickly after the procedure is finished. Whereas, oral sedation is the use of medication to aid in a calm and relaxing experience, however you will need to be accompanied by someone to drive you home. The affects are longer-lasting.

Dental Emergencies

Unfortunately emergencies occur. We are here to help with your dental emergencies. Tooth pain, broken teeth or swelling can happen at any moment. Please contact our office so we can evaluate and treat your emergent need. Let's live a dental pain-free life!!